STOP WATER GRABBING! The website preview in Bologna


An exceptional event to present the online platform.

The official debut of the website will be on Saturday 11th October in Bologna at 5.45 pm, in the 8th edition of documentary festival Terra di Tutti Film Festival” (schedled since 8th to 12 October), organized by COSPE and GVC.

Water grabbing is everywhere, as it refers to the wide variety of phenomena characterized by the removal of water as a commons freely available to all, and the alienation of its control for the benefit of a private or public actor with a speculative purpose.

In the event we will talk about with Luca Raineri and Marirosa Iannelli (COSPE), Silvia Cardascia (CICMA), Luca Martinelli (Altreconomia magazine), and Francesca Caprini (Yaku -Comitato Acqua Bene Comune di Bologna).

Committee will talk about the new web platform, and more in general about the water grabbing phenomena (privatization, big dams, etc). The “guest of honor” Susan George (Transnational Istitute of Amsterdam director) will participate via Skype.

At the end of the debate two documentaries on water grabbing cases will be shown: “La carovana dell’acqua in Palestina” by Giacomo Agostoni and “Assetati di giustizia” by Nandino Capovilla and Piero Fontana.