11083881_901295656587843_475630517858839549_nPhotograph: World Social Forum Press

All the greatest movements against the land and water grabbing have gathered at the World Social Forum in Tunis. On 25th March was held the first Global Convergence organized by COSPE with La Via Campesina, FIAN International, Italian Committee World Contract sull’acqua (CICMA), Transnational Institute, GRAIN, ActionAid.

The first results in the interview to Luca Raineri, advocacy coordinator of COSPE:

“In Tunis, there was the most ambitious attempt of networking for all the movements that deal with the defense of the right to access to the commons in particular of earth and water. There has never been an effort to get together as now, to recognize our contaminations, different interests, needs and experiences.
This process started a few months ago and it has put together 70 organizations working on the right of commons, by now an urgent challenge. At this time all over the world who deals with these issues and human rights defenders who working to the right to food are the victims of arbitrary and brutal repression. Some of the guests that we have achieved in the first seminar are just out of prison, and others did not come because in prison. The main criticism of governments in the sell-off in multinational or foreign governments in exchange for major counterparts is a clear responsibility. So, the first meeting helped to share experiences, to strengthen the spirit of the network, to join the platforms born in these countries to fight against land and water grabbing. We found a strong maturity in the representatives of the various movements, high level skills with regard to human rights and the legal aspect and finally a great political wisdom that was unexpected for us working on these issues for some time, and many of these movements are winning and forcing governments to recognize the rights.
In the next meeting we will try to work further shared. If we can put our resources together maybe we can score some more points, not only at national level but also at international level…”