Perú, en decisiva batalla contra el extractivismo


The most dangerous threat to the water, the land and the peasants of Peru comes from the opencast mines and the ideology that supports the model, the extractivism. Hugo Blanco (in Rome on May 3) has no doubts and is explained in the interview that you find at the bottom. Even so, he says, at the time of the Incas and Aztecs gold was mined, heated and melted, then came the Spaniards and began to use mercury, a liquid metal that poisons still in every mine in the world. Now then, to extract a gram of gold, blow up four tons of rock.

The implementation of the mining project Tia Maria, in the Valley of Tambo, which was opposed by the great struggles led by farmers in the region of Arequipa, is now in the decisive battle against the multinational mining.

Raúl Zibechi explains why those of Southern Copper consider those who opposes to mine a terrorist, and los de abajo, enemies to be exterminated.

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