Water not to be privatised

Water_0Photograph: Asiantribune.com

‘AAP’ government has revoked another decision of the preceding Congress government. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has clarified that the ‘AAP’ government is not in favour of privatisation of water. We protest the privatisation of water. However, he said about considering on the rates of water.

He said that privatisation promotes corruption. Like education and health, water is s chief requirement of life and it is a fundamental right to provide to the citizens. On the other hand, Tourism Minister and Jal Board Chairman Kapil Mishra told that Delhi requires a detailed draft policy. Through this medium, it wants to fix the approach of work zone for the future. He said that the mission will not be accomplished till the time water is not provided in every house of Delhi.

This will be the main basis of policy: Through the new water policy, demand based policy, supply based management and water audit, supply and water account of the organisation will be prepared. Apart from this, the use of water efficient equipment will also be ensured under this policy. The government wants to establish such a model, so that other states of the country can also implement it easily.

Suppressing voice not good for democracy: On Sept. 10, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that it is not good suppressing the voice is not good for democracy. While releasing a cartoon magazine, Kejriwal said that it is becoming difficult for the journalists to work independently in the type of atmosphere that is prevalent nowadays.

600 water bodies to come under the rights of Jal Board: Reservoirs and pond water board will soon come under the rights area of the Delhi Jal Board. The Delhi government has taken this decision to revive these. Jal Board Chairman Kapil Mishra told that 600 such water sources will be with the government in coming times. For this, the chief minister has also issued orders. After that, all these sources will be revived through the medium of rain water storage and it will be developed as tourist place.

There is need for rain water storage.
Revival of Yamuna will be stressed.
Water recycle and management to be made better.

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