The Watergrabbing platform is promoted by COSPE in collaboration with CICMA (Comitato Italiano Contratto Mondiale sull’Acqua), with the purpose of researching, informing and divulging about exploitment of water resources all over the world that tarnishes the dignity of native populations, determining social impoverishment and environmental degradation.

The Platform is meant to be a support instrument for specific mobilization campaignes promoted by Movements, Comittees, NGOs and Associations that are engaged in fighting water grabbing phenomena and the alienation of human right to potable water and to health services.

COSPE Onlus, established in 1983, is a private, laical and no-profit association. Today COSPE is working in 30 countries all over the world with 150 projects, on the side of thousands of women and men in promoting change for an equal and sustainable development, respect of human rights, with the final goal of reaching peace and justing among peoples.

COSPE, on the occasion of 2003 Florence Water Alternative Global Forum, has adhered to the Manifesto for a World Water Contract, helped to organize numerous Alternative World Water Forum, Water Caravans in different continents. For years, it is working alongside communities, civil society movements and grassroots committees to affirm the practical recognition of the right to water for all, the value of traditional knowledge and practices, water as a common good and the models of participatory management and Community.

CICMA, Comitato Italiano per il Contratto Mondiale sull’acqua-Onlus, is established in March of 2000, works for the the recognition of right to water by the International Community, and it is engaged in years in promoting water as common good and manking heritage in Italy and Europe.